Bio FUE Hair Transplant: Reasons To Opt For It

60% of males and 50% of women worldwide have some kind of hair loss. People typically look for over-the-counter treatments, such as topical drugs like minoxidil (Rogaine). Hair transplants are utilized to fill in balding or thinning areas of the head with additional hair. Taking hair from other parts of the body or thicker areas of the scalp is required when grafting hair onto the balding or thinning area.

Hair transplantation is another therapeutic method. Only one scalp hair from the donor area was used in the first-ever transplant, which was completed in Japan in 1939. In the decades that followed, doctors developed the "plug" technique. This requires the transplanting of sizable tufts of hair. 

There are numerous methods for hair transplantation currently accessible; Bio-FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is an advanced technique which works on the principle of FUE only. It is one of the more practical methods. Dr. Priyanka Reddy, the founder of DNA Skin Clinic, is well known for offering the best Bio-FUE in Bangalore and has provided important details about this hair transplant technique to aid  an individual’s comprehension and its benefits.

How is Bio FUE different from FUE?

Bio FUE hair transplant is the more modern and improved variant of FUE hair transplant. It promotes better and more natural hair growth. The major objective of this cutting-edge technology procedure is to enhance FUE outcomes with the surgical incorporation of certain cell-based hair growth elements. The same FUE hair transplant procedure is used to implant the hair after the treatment, but with a few changes that enable the transplanted area to recover more quickly and the growth of the hair better in strength and texture.

Who Is An Ideal Candidate For Bio- FUE Hair- Transplantation?

Several factors determine whether one is an ideal candidate for a Bio FUE hair transplant or not. That is as follows-

  1. An individual with thinning or balding hair who still has enough hair that can be used as donor hair for a transplant is the ideal candidate for a Bio- FUE hair transplant.

  2. One might only be a candidate for a Bio FUE hair transplant if they have thick, healthy hair to transplant to the balding or thinning area.

  3. A person who has reasonable expectations for the results of the surgery.

Bio FUE Hair Transplantation Technique

  1. The surgeon first takes a small amount of blood from the patient’s body and then stores it in a centrifuge to separate the infused regenerative cell from the blood. 

  2. During this, two layers of blood are formed, one layer contains regenerative cells blood, and the other is the layer of removed regenerative cells blood. 

  3. After the surgeon has removed blood from the donor area, the blood is injected into the area of the transplant or bald to increase its efficacy.

  4. However, the procedures result in unnoticeable scars and post-operative pain, providing faster and more natural hair growth.

Different Features of the Scalp and Hair

For the success of hair transplant surgery, various hair and scalp traits are crucial. When preparing for the treatment, the expert hair restoration doctor will consider all of these aspects.

  1. Hair Color

The success of the hair transplant will depend on the color of the patient's hair. The contrast causes this i.e. color between the scalp and hair. The patches of hair loss will appear more pronounced if there is a stark contrast between these colors. The bald spots will be less obvious because there will be less contrast if the skin and hair colors are comparable.

  1. Hair Density

To get the same cosmetic results as individuals with thinner hair, people with thicker hair need fewer transplants. Light entering the hair and reflecting off the scalp causes baldness to appear. A better overall appearance will result from thicker hair because it will lessen the quantity of light the scalp reflects.

  1. Hair Thickness

If one will make, a good candidate for a hair transplant depends in large part on the hair density. The surgeon will look for a healthy density of follicles around the donor areas of the scalp. It is doubtful that a surgeon will advise one for a hair transplant if one has a poor density of hair follicles because the desired outcomes are probably not possible. However, it can still be feasible if one bald spot isn't too noticeable.

  1. Scalp Flexibility

Scalp laxity is another name for scalp flexibility. One will be a better candidate for a hair transplant and get greater outcomes if one’s scalp is looser. It will be more difficult to pluck hair follicles from the scalp and transplant them if one has a tight scalp (low laxity scalp) than someone with a high laxity scalp (loose scalp).

  1. Hair Fall

Finally, whether or not one is a candidate for a hair transplant treatment will mostly depend on the severity of one’s hair loss. Although hair restoration can have a profoundly positive impact on one’s life, it cannot restore one’s hair to its youthful condition. A full head of hair after a hair transplant may not be attainable if one has experienced considerable hair loss.

This does not, however, automatically imply that one should not get a hair transplant. It can signify that one will want to consult an expert doctor who will suggest the best treatment to get the desired outcomes. 

What Are the Advantages of Bio FUE Hair Transplantation?

Following are the advantages of Bio FUE hair transplant:

  1. Bio FUE transplant technique not only improves the growth of the implanted hairs but also stimulates the growth of the hairs in the surrounding area affected by hair thinning.

  2. The implanted hair stem cells are stimulated by it.

  3. It is one of the most secure and safest hair transplanting procedures.

  4. This procedure requires extremely little recovery time in both donor and transplant areas.

  5. The procedure enhances the texture of hair in addition to strengthening the hair follicles.

  6. It recovers quickly after use. One may endure minor swelling or soreness for around three days.

The Bio FUE treatment is among the greatest hair transplant techniques. Before deciding on the treatment, one should always seek the counsel of a qualified hair transplant surgeon because many factors can influence the type of surgery that will produce the best results. Make an appointment at the renowned DNA Skin Clinic to get the best Bio FUE in Bangalore by an expert doctor. 

One can also receive advanced treatment for various skin conditions, such as acne, pigmentation, melasma, keloids, psoriasis, etc., by the best Dermatologist in Bangalore. To learn more, pay a visit to the clinic. 

If you want to know more about Hair transplantation watch this video

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